The winners of the Lottoland lottery from India are the largest winners and their history

There are many people who dream of becoming millionaires overnight. And while it’s true that winning the lottery is a bit of a long shot, there are some people who have managed to do just that. Lottoland is a website that allows people to bet on international lotteries, and some of the biggest winners have come from India. In this blog post, we will take a look at the 10 largest winners of the Lottoland Indian lottery, as well as some of the amazing stories behind them. We will also explore how Lottoland works, and discuss the different types of lotteries available. So if you’re curious about what it takes to become a Lottoland millionaire, keep reading!

10 largest winners of the Indian lottery Lottoland

Let’s look at the stories of some of Lottolands biggest Indian winners:

I. Princess Rajan and Happy Ticket

Rajan is a Lottoland member from Kerala who won an incredible 12 crore rupees (approximately $US180,000) in May 2018. Her winning ticket was a ‘Happy Ticket’, which is a special Lottoland ticket that allows the holder to bet on multiple lotteries at once. Rajan says that she plans to use her winnings to buy a new house and help her family financially.

The youngest winner

In 2017, Mumbaikar Akshit Kumar Jain became the youngest Playwin ThunderBall Jackpot winner. Overall the 96th prize winner of this particular draw, Jain got a windfall of ₹2.83 crores, and in the process, joined the wealth club of 90 other crorepatis and more than 5000 lakhpat is that Playwin claims to have thrown up over 15 years of gaming in the country.

Artist from Kottyama and winning 7.39 core pounds

In May 2019, Lottoland player Sunil Kumar Sharma from Kottyam won an incredible ₹73.90 lakh (approximately $US107,000). Sharma is an artist by profession, and says that he plans to use his winnings to buy a new house and invest in his art business.

Anantu Vijayan and the main prize of 12 core pounds

In September 2019, Lottoland player Anantu Vijayan from Kerala won an incredible ₹12 crore (approximately $US16,700). Vijayan says that he plans to use his winnings to buy a new house and help his family financially.

Incredible prize of 5.20 rings of pounds

In Lottoland, there have been some very large winners from India. The biggest winner from India so far has been an incredible prize of £12,000,000 (Rs. 100 crore). This was won by a syndicate of six people who had all bought tickets online. Lottoland is also the home to the world’s second biggest winner from India. This was won by a single player who took home an amazing £11,525,870 (Rs.96 crore). Lottoland has had many more large winners from India, including a prize of £550,000 (Rs.)

From the owner of Ricksha to Jackpot

This story is about Mr. Gau Das, a rickshaw owner of Guskara. Mr. Das was planning on going on a picnic with the union he belonged to, but poor weather canceled their plans, and he was heading back home when he bumped into a lotto vendor. Although he wasn’t interested initially in buying a ticket, he eventually did–a ticket that bought him the jackpot worth ₹35 lakh. It became money destined to build a larger house for his family and pay for his children’s education.

One winning lottery ticket for two

Bhupinder Singh and his wife Amrita Kaur from Ludhiana are the lucky winners of Lottoland’s Indian lottery. They had only bought one ticket between them but it ended up being a winning one, netting them a huge prize of 12 crore rupees (around €157,000)! The couple say they plan to use their winnings to buy a new house and help out their family and friends.

What an amazing story! Lottoland has truly made some people’s dreams come true.

Bardham youths and 1 core pounds

This is the story of Mojiful Sheikh, a youngster from Bardham who moved to Kerala in search of work to assist his family financially, save money and buy a home. Soon he got a job at a construction company, paying him a mere ₹ 50. It was extraordinarily little, yet when he saw a man in the street selling lottery tickets as his only income, he decided to support him. It was a ticket that cost him his entire wage. It was also the ticket that won him ₹ 1 crore—enough money to buy his dream house and help his family.

From the seller of the lottery to the winner of the lottery

Sharafuddin, a lottery ticket seller, won the top prize of ₹12 crores in the 2021 Christmas New Year Bumper draw of the Kerala State Lottery. He had been working in Tenkasi, Tamil Nadu, when lady luck decided to shower her blessings on him.

Every day, he would buy lottery tickets from the Bharani Lottery Agency, which he sold to customers. However, he also had some entries in his own batch that weren’t sold, including the winning ticket. Sharafuddin, who had previously worked in construction, said he intended to invest the funds he had won.

Persistence RP Manoharan<H2> The winners of the syndicate in Lottoland

From 2016 to 2017, RP Manoharan won the lottery three times and attributes his success to persistence. His first win yielded ₹ 65 lakh, but rather than quitting while he was ahead, Mr. Manoharan kept playing the local lotteries. About a year later, he hit it big again with a ₹ 70 lakh jackpot; then third time proved to be the charm when he landed another ₹ 70 lakh windfall later that same year. A devoted player, Mr.Manoharan invests approximately ₹ 5 000 each month in various lotteries.

The winner of the Indian syndicate – 50,000 euros (37.3 Lacha)

On 22nd December 2019, a syndicate of 9 players won €50,000 each in the Spanish Lotería de Navidad lottery on theLotter. Each of them had a one-tenth ticket share and belonged to the following countries: Austria, Azerbaijan, Germany, Hungary, India, Kazakhstan, Reunion, U.K., and Ukraine.

All the winners, including the Indian, chose to remain anonymous, which is why we don’t know his name or what he did with the lottery winnings. But, the point is you could also be the next big winner!

Syndicate of 6 people

Imagine you and your buddies went in and bought a lottery ticket together, and voila, you hit the jackpot! Well, that’s exactly what happened to a group of friends from Kerala. In 2019, six salesmen working in a jewelry shop won the grand prize of ₹12 crores – and it only cost them ₹600 each!

These friends formed a sextet of the biggest lottery winners in India. Humbly, though, they chose to continue working at their old job, but we do hope they’re putting their massive winnings to good use.

State lotteries in India

The Kerala State Lotteries is a department of the Government of Kerala that conducts lotteries. It was established in 1967 to help the state government collect funds for development projects. The first lottery draw took place on November 28, 1967. The state-run lottery is the only legal form of gambling in Kerala and has become very popular among residents.

Every week, there are eight lottery draws, and the first prize is always ₹50 Lakhs. The Kerala Lottery Department also conducts bumper draws four times a year, with the first prize usually being a luxury car or an apartment.

The state-run lottery is the only legal form of gambling in Kerala and has become very popular among residents.

Winners Lotto247 in India

When he entered a draw through Lotto247, Lingaraju D was a retired Bengaluru health inspector. Although the 3.8 crores he won made him one of the biggest Lotto247 winners in India, had the 68-year-old matched the Mega Ball, he would have scored an even bigger prize!

Lingaraju said that he chose his numbers based on a dream he had, in which his late father told him the digits. When he saw that he had won, the retired health inspector was so overwhelmed with emotion that it took him some time to register what had happened.

He plans to use his Lotto247 winnings to help his two sons, one of whom is studying for a medical degree, as well as to buy a new house. Lingaraju also said that he would share his prize with the workers at the Lotto247 office in Mumbai!

Winners of the Powerball Lottery India

One of the highest lottery prizes in the world – the $1.537 billion Mega Millions jackpot in 2018 – was won through the purchase of a single ticket. The winning numbers 5, 28, 62, 65, and 70, with a Mega Ball of 5, were bought from a KC Mart gas station and convenience store outside Simpsonville in upstate South Carolina. A single ticket won the biggest jackpot ever seen in the US, coming in at second place only behind the $1.586 billion Powerball reward divided between three tickets back in January 2016. The winnings surpasses the previous Mega Millions jackpot record of $656 million, which was set almost a decade ago in March 2012.

Three people won the world’s biggest jackpot lottery in 2016 and split $1.586 billion evenly between them. The Acostas from California, Smith and Kaltschmidt from Florida, and the Robinsons from Tennessee each received an annuity of approximately $533 million before taxes as their share of the winnings.

The highest lottery prize in India

Several lotteries in India – for example, Powerball, Mega Millions, and Lottoland – offer jaw-dropping rewards. That said, the latter are top-of-the-shelf international lotteries based outside of India.

So, if your question is more focused on what the highest lottery prize in India is, we think that would be of the Kerala State Lotteries, where several players like Porunnan Rajan, Sharafuddin, and Ananthu Vijayan have netted a whooping 12 crore.


To conclude, Lottoland has made some very lucky people in India very rich, with several of our winners taking home life-changing amounts of money.

And it’s not just Lottoland – state-run lotteries and other international lotteries offer substantial rewards that could completely change your life overnight. So, if you’re feeling lucky, why not give it a go? You never know, you could be our next big winner!

Thank you for reading! We hope you enjoyed our blog post.