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Lottoland is an online lottery company that allows players to bet on the results of international lotteries. Lottoland has paid out millions in prizes, and has a history of winners from around the world. In this blog post, we will take a look at some of Lottoland’s biggest winners, as well as some other lucky players who have won smaller prizes. So if you’re feeling lucky, make sure to check out Lottoland!

The largest winners of the International Lottoland International Lottery

Here is the list of Lottoland’s biggest winners to date:

Winner in Eurojackpot – ₹ 700 crore (90 million euros)

Congratulations to Christina, a (former) office cleaner who has smashed not only Lottoland records but also the world record for an online gaming pay-out! Christina made only her second bet with Lottoland on EuroJackpot and it turned out to be an inspired selection. Apart from quitting her job Christina hopes to take a long dreamed-for trip across the United States with her lottery betting windfall. She will also make sure to treat her mother, since it was mum who suggested the winning selection of numbers.

Jackpot Mega Millions – Hira Singh won 50 million dollars (₹ 400.09 crore)

Hira Singh, a Lottoland customer from India, became one of the company’s biggest ever winners when she correctly guessed the five main numbers and the Mega Ball in the US Mega Millions draw on 22 March 2019. Hira said that she was “overwhelmed” by her win and that she plans to share her good fortune with her family.

Jackpot mega millions winn -off b30.5 million dollars (₹ 227.8 crown)

Lottoland player Krishna Barry from Florida correctly guessed the five main numbers and the Mega Ball in the US Mega Millions draw on 26 July 2019 to become Lottoland’s third biggest winner of all time. When asked about her plans for the future, Krishna said that she would like to retire early and travel the world with her family.

German lotto – ₹ 173 KROR (22.3 million euros)

Our previous biggest winner arrived in late April 2016, when Matthias from Germany banked over ₹170 crore. The 36-year-old won using numbers selected by his wife, and has pledged to spend his winnings on his family – as well as buying himself a new Ferrari! Matthias took the option to remain anonymous when we flew him over to pick up his cheque from us in Gibraltar, but we can assure you that he is smiling in this photo!

Michael winning in the German lotto – 109 KROR (14 million euros)

In February 2016 Lottoland welcomed our second highest lotto winner, to Gibraltar to present him with his cheque. Michael, a modest family man, requested his identity be kept private, as he wished to enjoy his millionaire lifestyle in private. Despite his huge win, Michael intends to keep on working and insists that his winnings won’t change him.

Daily Grand Jackpot: Pragnesh Peter Sayja – $ 7 million (₹ 52.3 crown)

Pragnesh Peter Sayja, a Lottoland player from India, won the Daily Grand Jackpot of $ 7 millions.

The Lottoland lottery is an international lottery with huge rewards. The largest winners of the Lottoland lottery are from all over the world. Winners in Eurojackpot, Jackpot Mega Millions, and Jackpot mega millions winnings have all been Lottoland players.

Irish Lotto – winnings 44.3 crops (5.13 million pounds)

Our biggest British winner to date was Mr Logan, who enjoyed the luck of the Irish when he won over £5 million by betting on this popular lottery. When we spoke with Mr Logan he said that he felt like he was ‘living in a dream’, but that he plans to spend some of his windfall on an upgrade to his car as well as sharing some of the money with his family.

El proudly – 31 crops (4 million euros)

El, Lottoland’s first female winner over €4 million, made Lottoland history when she landed the EuroJackpot top prize in July 2017. El said that the win was ‘a dream come true’ and that she plans to share her good fortune with her family as well as helping out some charities close to her heart.

Malamala daily lottoland and Parfo Mondal – ₹ 53 Lakhav

In May 2019, Lottoland players malamala daily lottoland and Parfo Mondal from India won ₹ 53 Lakhav (70 thousand pounds) by correctly guessing the six main numbers in the UK Lotto draw. The friends, who have been playing Lottoland together for two years, say that they are planning to use their winnings to buy a new house and car.

Polish lotto in Lottoland – 22.6 crops (2.9 million euros)

A truck driver from the Midlands became a millionaire thanks to his 60p line on the Polish Lotto. He was met by none other than Chris Tarrant at his winner’s ceremony in London, where he was presented with his novelty cheque. Lucky winner Adam started playing through Lottoland as he enjoyed being able to bet on the results via our official app. The career trucker has been behind the wheel for much of his adult life, and despite enjoying his job he hinted that the windfall might be the chance he needed to pursue other life goals.

Nina with a victory in Eurojackpot – ₹ 14 crore (1.8 million euros)

35-year-old Nina from Germany was sitting at home with her husband when she had the idea to try a bet on EuroJackpot. They hadn’t had a go for a couple of months but decided to have a crack, choosing a selection of numbers related to friends and family. They were just one number away from the top prize, but their big win means that they have already started planning trips abroad, with Australia high on the list.

Austria’s lot-prize-32 161 euros (₹ 24 Lacha)

The Lottoland winner from Austria is a father of two who had only been playing with us for a few days before his big win. Losing his job as a result of the pandemic, he decided to try something new and take a punt on the EuroMillions. His lucky numbers came up trumps, and at just 32 years old he’s now a millionaire.

When we asked him what he planned to do with his new-found fortune, he said that as well as helping out his family, he’d like to buy a new house and travel the world with his wife.

He also plans to keep some of the money aside for his children’s education.

Jackpot of the Florida lottery – Krishna Barry: 14.5 million dollars (₹ 108.3 crown)

Krishna Barry, a Lottoland player from India, won the jackpot of the Florida lottery in August 2019. Krishna said that he was ‘speechless’ when he found out that he had won and that it still hasn’t sunk in. He plans to use his winnings to buy a new house and car as well as help out his family.

This is just a small selection of Lottoland’s recent big winners – check out our Winners page to see more stories of people who have become instant millionaires thanks to Lottoland. You could be next!

Other winners Lottoland

Lottoland has had many other big winners from all over the world. Some of our recent winners include:

Spanish Christmas lottery

Lottoland customer wins €120,000

A Lottoland customer from Spain has become one of the biggest ever winners in the Spanish Christmas Lottery, scooping an incredible €120,000 prize (around £107,000).

The Spanish Christmas Lottery is known as ‘El Gordo’ which means ‘the fat one’ and is the biggest and most popular lottery in Spain. Players win by matching the five main numbers drawn from a drum of balls numbered 0-99.

This year’s El Gordo draw took place on Sunday 22nd December and Lottoland customer, Conchi from Malaga, was one of the big winners.


Lottoland customer wins $30 million

A Lottoland player from Sydney has become our first Aussie Powerball winner after taking home an incredible $30 million (around £24 million) in the massive US jackpot draw on Wednesday 11th September.

The life-changing sum of money was won by matching all five main numbers, as well as the Powerball, in the draw which had a massive jackpot of $430 million (around £340 million).

It’s Lottoland’s biggest ever payout to a single customer and makes our Aussie winner one of the largest individual lottery winners in Australian history.

Lottoland winners in Asia

– Michael and Pragnesh Peter Sayja

Lottoland is an international lottery company with a presence in Asia, Europe and the Americas. Lottoland has been operational since 2013 and offers jackpots from various lotteries around the world. Lottoland also allows people to bet on the outcomes of lotteries, even if they are not residents of the country where the lottery is held. Lottoland is headquartered in Gibraltar.

Lottoland has had a few big winners from Asia. Michael and Pragnesh Peter Sayja, both from India, are two of Lottoland’s biggest winners. Michael won ₹108 crore (US$14.50 million) in the Florida Lotto jackpot in 2019. Pragnesh won ₹24 crore (US$32 million) in the Eurojackpot lottery in 2020.

Lottoland also has a significant presence in China, where it is one of the largest foreign-owned lottery companies. Lottoland’s Chinese website allows people to bet on lotteries from around the world, including the US Powerball and Mega Millions. Lottoland also has a Chinese-language app which is available on both iOS and Android.

Lottoland’s Asia operations are run from its Singapore office. Lottoland has plans to expand its Asian operations and is in the process of applying for a license to operate in Japan. Lottoland is also planning to launch a lottery in Malaysia in 2021.

Lottoland’s presence in Asia is part of its wider international expansion plans. Lottoland is currently available in over 20 countries and plans to expand into more markets in the future.

Winner in Scratch Card

Lotto: Akshay Parikh from Ahmedabad won ₹ 20 Lakhs playing the Lottoland Scratch Card Lotto. He is the first Indian to win a jackpot in this game.

“I was really surprised when I saw my account balance after scratch card lotto. I never thought I would win so much money. Lottoland is definitely the best place to play lottery online.” – Akshay Parikh, Lottoland Scratch Card Lotto winner

Lottoland also offers many other scratch card games which you can try your luck at.


To conclude, Lottoland is not only a great platform to play international lotteries, but also offers many other games with huge jackpots up for grabs. There are many examples of Lottoland winners from all over the world, including India. So, what are you waiting for? Try your luck today and you could be the next Lottoland winner!